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Rion Microys & Richard Joules

Rion Microys & Richard Joules

Rion discovered Annapolis Royal in a previous life as an archaeologist, after spending three summers digging at Fort Anne and career switch, the fates conspired to make her dream of living in Annapolis Royal a reality. Rion has been a papier mache artist since 1995 and a resident of the area since 1998.

Richard is a long haul truck driver who has lived in the valley since 1995. An avid outdoors man, he made the move to Annapolis Royal after hooking up with Rion.

The two met in a work related incident involving late nights and schleping boxes. Richard hauled a group of craft show participant wares to a Toronto show, Rion was one of those participants.  Rion has never had better service from a trucking company and Richard has never had a more satisified customer. The rest, as they say, is history.

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